About Annie Barrett Naturopath

Annie Barrett Naturopath is a Sunshine Coast naturopathy clinic that was founded by Annie Barrett.  Annie is a degree qualified naturopath, and medical scientist, with a special interest in helping people, especially shift workers, with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and digestive issues.

The Annie Barrett Naturopath clinic is located on Albatross Ave Aroona.  This naturopathy clinic offers both in-clinic appointments and online Telehealth appointments.

Annie strives to provide her clients with safe and effective natural healthcare.  Evidenced-based and well-researched treatment plans are key to achieving this.  Treatment plans are aimed at addressing underlying health issues, not just physical symptoms.  You can learn more about naturopathy on the ‘About Naturopathy‘ page and the ‘What is Naturopathy?‘ blog post.

photo of Annie Barrett a Naturopath, Sunshine Coast, inside Annie Barrett Naturopath clinic


Holistic healing is the cornerstone of  Annie Barrett Naturopath.

It is my goal is to make a positive difference in the world.

About Annie Barrett Naturopath – Values

Annie Barrett Naturopath aims to make a difference and deliver quality healthcare services to my clients. To achieve this, my naturopathy practice is strictly guided by the following values:

  • Genuineness

I believe in being my authentic self.   Thus, I practice transparency and honesty in all my methods and transactions.  Additionally, I am also committed to learning, growing, and fostering happiness.

  • Respect

Annie Barrett Naturopath is a judgment-free place.  Therefore, I treat everyone with respect and courtesy.  My wish is for clients will feel listened to and understood.  Without a doubt, I consider this to be a cornerstone to build long-term positive relationships.

  • Balance

I believe that happiness and fulfilment in life is a culmination of proper diet, positive relationships, work-life balance, regular exercise, and mental and emotional wellness.  Therefore, my practice is also based on achieving balance.

  • Empathy 

An ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  This is a key element of any caring role.  Therefore, I aim to treat people with empathy at all times.

About Annie Barrett Naturopath – Principles

To ensure that I can protect you and give you the best possible care, I abide by these naturopathic principles:

  1. Do no harm. Patient safety is my number one priority.
  2. Utilise the healing power of nature. The body’s natural capacity to heal is used to guide the body and mind to its most optimal shape.
  3. Identify and treat the root cause of the problem.  Physical symptoms are a sign of a deeper underlying condition. Consequently, I don’t just treat the symptoms; rather I address the cause for a long-term solution.
  4. Treat the whole person. Naturopaths view the body holistically.  They see the body as more than just the sum of its parts. Therefore, to treat holistically, the body, mind, and spirit are all taken into consideration.
  5. Educate and empower. Naturopaths share their knowledge with clients.  They empower them so they can take care of themselves in the future, long after their treatment is complete.
  6. Prevent future health problems. We promote a balanced lifestyle to help prevent illness and chronic conditions before they occur.

At Annie Barrett Naturopath, I undertake to further my knowledge and expertise on naturopathy through consistent education of the best evidence-based therapies.

Annie Barrett Naturopath is located at 36 Albatross Ave, Aroona, Sunshine Coast and online within Australia.