Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist 50ml

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Wind down and create your own dreamy paradise. The comforting scent of Clary sage will enhance sweet dreams, while lavender, petitgrain and Roman chamomile create a sense of serenity and inner peace. Allow the soothing aromas held within Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist to induce stillness and a feeling of calm as it sets the mood for sleep and relaxes the mind. The heavenly aromas of lavender, petitgrain, sweet orange, clary sage, Roman chamomile pure essential oils, blended with meditation Australian bush flower essence may help to regulate the body clock, and create a familiar scent with ‘falling asleep’. This product contains ingredients derived from wheat. If you are wheat or gluten sensitive, we recommend doing a small patch test using our testers on your skin prior to purchase. Available online and in-store at Annie Barrett Naturopath, Shop B/78-80 Bulcock St, Caloundra


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