Hair Testing: Bio-Compatibility Analysis

The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia.


Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing uses a sample of your hair (body hair or saliva if you need to!) to test 600 items – including foods, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products – to determine which have a positive or negative influence on your body.  This includes common brands found in supermarkets and health food stores. Each item is tested in the form it is usually consumed (both raw and cooked where applicable).  However, the focus is on what you can eat and use rather than what you can’t.

The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products benefit the individual person. Each person is unique so it obviously follows that when it comes to foods and household products that ‘one size does not fit all”. 

When to use this test:

  • If you are suffering from skin problems, eczema, unusual rashes, psoriasis;
  • digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel, constipation;
  • arthritis;
  • children with behaviour issues;
  • any and all issues of health and particularly those related to inflammation. It is a non-intrusive test ideal for children.

(coloured hair is okay to use)

Who is Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing available to?

Testing is suitable for babies, children, adults and pets.

Testing is available without needing consultation.

Prices start from $273.

For more information or to organise hair testing 

Phone the clinic on 0437502290 or email at