The Positives of Shift Work

I thought it’d be good to write about the positives of shift work. Having a positive mindset can make you feel better when things start to get you down.⁠  To find out more about shift work have a read of my ‘What is Shift Work?‘ post

Positives of shift work

🌻 The freedom to go to the shops when they are quiet. I went on a Saturday morning, once, what a nightmare!!⁠

🌻 Can go to the cinema and gym outside of peak hours.  One time I woke up from nights and decided to go see a movie. I was the only person in the cinema, it was a bit creepy and I had to go ask them to start the movie, but I could sit wherever I wanted!⁠

🌻 Avoiding peak hour traffic.  I’ve never really had to drive in peak hour traffic, however, I can imagine how stressful it must be.⁠

🌻 Flexibility – there is often a range of different shift options, which can be useful if you have other commitments, such as children or study.⁠

🌻 It’s easier to run errands – not all businesses are open on weekends, and if they are, lineups can be long.

🌻  The pay is often more when on shift.

🌻 Working shift often means no bosses!!  When the cat is away, the mice will play!!  This helps build positive relationships and camaraderie with your colleagues, which is important due to the loss of social connection shift workers may have with family and friends.⁠

I tried to do the Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm thing, however, I missed the freedom of shift work.  The beauty of being my own boss allowed me to change my opening hours to Tue-Sat, and I only have one 9 am start!

Have you got any more positives of shift work at add to the list??


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